Lithium iron phosphate battery, SemiSolid Technology

SemiSolid Technology is the unique innovation process from 24M Technologies, Inc. The electrodes have no binder and generate a clay-like slurry by combining electrolyte with active components. This allow us to make thick electrodes with less volume, mass, and cost. It simpler and safer, greener with more reliable results.

Pouch Cell

Safer > G-Cell is designed with the strength of safety from the mechanism that protects the batteries against short-circuit at cell level.

Greener > G-Cell manufacturing process is Binder-free electrodes eliminate the need for hydro- or pyrometallurgical processes for battery recycling. This allows direct in-plant reuse of active material and end of life recycling.

Reliable > The strength of PTT group in energy sector that has been established in Thai society for over 40 years, allows GPSC to develop the most reliable battery to all customers.

up to 4,000 cycles

Note : Life time and cycles of charge / discharge depending on customer usage.

Located in 11/2 Map ta phut Industrial Estate,I-5 Road, Mueang Rayong District, Rayong

30 MW.

G-CELL can be placed in many applications as follows: Electric Vehicle (EV) – Electric bus, Electric truck, Electric boat, Golf cart, Electric motorcycle, Electric car, etc. Energy Storage – Laboratory, Data server, Telecom Hospital, Solar energy storage, UPS, C&I energy storage system, etc.